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Organic People, Inc. is a North America-based consulting practice that focuses on helping clients extract and apply the data in their billing systems to support a variety of organizational operations. We do this through data and operations analysis, software development, system conversions, process improvement, training and more. Every day, we promise and deliver experienced consultants equipped to solve problems. As a proactive leader in the cable and broadband space, our mission is to help our customers create products and services that enhance their environment to the maximum extent we are able. Currently, we do business in North America, the UK, Israel and Spain.

Are you OP Material?

Take our 11-question quiz and find out!

  1. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit trapped inside a body yearning for fulfillment?
  2. Are you seeking a career that produces results you can point to?
  3. Do you hate office politics as much as we do?
  4. Would you like to work in an atmosphere of open and direct communication, debate, and creative brain-storming?
  5. Are you professional and results-driven, yet lighthearted and fun?
  6. Can you see the forest and work in the trees?
  7. Are you level-headed and able to see both sides of the coin?
  8. Do you exceed people's expectations of you on a regular basis?
  9. Is it in your bones to seek continual improvement?
  10. Would you rather work for David than Goliath?
  11. Are you passionate about your career?
If you answered "yes" to these questions and share our core values of honesty, balance and growth, we want to meet you! Please contact us at , or just pick up the phone and give us a call.

 "I am very proud to be working for Organic People. I appreciate the opportunity to represent a well-respected company and use the many skills I have learned over the years working inside the cable industry. Everyone there has gone out of their way to let me know they appreciate what I'm doing out in the field."

-Fran Walsh
Business Analyst


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