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Learning & Development

OP's capabilities include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Instructional design
  • Curriculum development - eLearning, Instructor-led training (ILT), and Just In Time (JIT) approaches
  • Curriculum conversion across the format types (e.g. ILT to eLearning, blended, etc.)
  • Delivery - ILT, computer-based training (CBT), blended
  • Measurement and evaluations
  • Training program maintenance and change management
  • Mentoring and certification programs

Problem: Our top tier MSO customers recognize the need to give their employees the tools to effectively meet their company's top initiatives, including excellent customer satisfaction and outstanding service, but often don't have the resources in-house.

Solution: Organic People provides a strong training arm for program development and implementation. We construct targeted, comprehensive programs that effectively train personnel on the top issues identified.

Action: OP conducts a needs assessment, designs a targeted program, develops the content in each customer's unique blended format of online and instructor-led learning and delivers the material to the MSO's trainers and end users. Once implemented, OP can measure and evaluate the training program's effectiveness and provide key performance metrics. In addition, OP implements change management processes in order to maintain the training program content through any future process enhancements and system upgrades.

Result: Our laser focus on the key issues MSOs face allows us to pinpoint issues and implement programs that move the needle on key performance indicators, including better order accuracy, less order fallout, decreased cost for order re-entry, optimal system utilization, lower truck rolls and overall better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Sample Learning & Development Projects:

Targeted Digital Phone Training Program

OP led an extensive effort to design, develop and deliver training focused on specific client-identified issues. This project led to spin-off projects to develop and/or deliver training for the Price Lock Guarantee (PLG) initiative, conversion of the New Hire curriculum to an eLearning format, and training development around both the business class phone product and billing systems for their eCommerce initiative.

Comprehensive eLearning Project Management Training Program

OP is developing a 100% online learning program for project management training. The curriculum includes system simulations and pragmatic training interactivity.

"OP delivered a broad range of products with a blended delivery solution, allowing dispatchers to learn on a self-paced basis.  They also integrated tools provided by the billing system manufacturer so it would be seamless and fluid for the learner.  The feedback from our employees has been extremely positive and training has helped raise the level of knowledge among our dispatch group."  

-  VP, Technical Operations
Learning & Development
Tier 1 MSO


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