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Root Cause Analysis

OP's capabilities include:

  • Root cause analysis of call center inbound calls
  • Identify center's most time-consuming and costly issues
  • Data validation of perceived root causes
  • Data analysis to weigh and prioritize missed opportunities for expense reduction
  • Targeted actionable recommendations for improvements
  • Implementation of recommended actions/solutions

Sample Root Cause Analysis Projects:

Billing Call Queue Analysis

OP implemented a methodology to collect, quantify and analyze data from a major MSO's billing call queue in order to understand each call category's root cause. Top root cause issues were identified and specific, actionable recommendations for process, training, operational and technological improvements were provided to the executive team. Due to the accuracy and credibility of OP's findings, the client is pursuing a Phase 2 Implementation of key recommendations with OP.

 "We wanted to evaluate call volume and analyze the root cause of calls coming into our call center. OP had the knowledge to begin immediately without takign time on our end to train them on how things work. They listenened to thousands of calls and gave us actionable information so we could begin reducing transactions immediately."    

 Vice President
Customer Care
Major MSO


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